Welcome to Five Forks Academy. We provide infant care, pre-school, after school and summer camp services for the Lawrenceville, Lilburn and Snellville Georgia areas.

At Five Forks Academy, we strive to provide a structured environment which will promote your child's physical, social, emotional and academic growth.

From infancy, your child will participate in a variety of teacher-directed activities designed to build their emerging skills. Our teachers are trained by an accomplished certified professional who holds a Masters in Early Childhood Education along with countless years of experience in the education profession. 

We enroll infants as young as 6 weeks, Toddlers ages 12-36 months, Preschool for 3 years old, Private PreKindergarten for 4 years old, and the Georgia Funded PreKindergarten. We also have summer camp programs that your child will absolutely love!

Our front door is secured with a keypad entry which is only given to parents/guardians. ID codes are given to identify who is checking in and checking out a child. We have upgraded our database with the state of the art finger print identity for ID verification. 

We provide before/after school care for students who attend Brookwood Elementary, Craig Elementary, Gwin Oaks Elementary, and R.D. Head Elementary. NOTE: Students who attend Gwin Oaks Elementary are picked-up and dropped off at our academy by public school transportation. We are serving Arcado and Camp Creek Elementary schools starting the 2016-2017 school year.

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Bright from the Start

We are licensed by Bright from the Start, an organization that monitors childcare centers in Georgia to ensure the safety and academic development of children are being met. 

We follow their rules for health and safety, teacher/student ratios, transportation and criminal record checks. Please be certain the childcare facility you chose for your child/children, is licensed or has exemption documentation from Bright from the Start.  

Read more at - Bright From the Start

Numerous centers caring for children are not requiring their staff to have criminal background checks. The children are transported in vehicles that may not meet safety standards and the entire group (young and older children, combined) may be supervised by only one individual.



Quality Rated is Georgia’s system to determine, improve, and communicate the quality of programs that provide child care. Similar to rating systems for restaurants and hotels, Quality Rated assigns one, two or three stars to early education and school-age care programs that meet or exceed the minimum state requirements.

By participating in Georgia’s voluntary Quality Rated program, Five Forks has made a commitment to work continuously to improve the quality of care we provide.

We take the safety of the children at Five Forks Academy seriously and continuously stay abreast of regulations set forth by Bright from the Start.

We have a garden of fruits and veggies to encourage the children to plant, tend, eat and enjoy. We water our garden using rain harvested from our roof. We fertilize our garden with composted material from our cafe. We are recycling metal cans, cardboard, plastic and paper. Join us in going green. 

We have a natural "wildlife" area around our garden beds. Bird seed and nector feeders are placed within view of windows so that the children can see a variety of birds come and go. A pair of Eastern Blue Birds feed in our playground and nest in the box we set out in hopes of attracting them! "Bird Watchers" notify the class and keep track of visits to the nest. 

Our garden plants attract rabbits and ground squirrels! The children love watching them eat the fresh veggies. The best time to teach kids about positive habits toward the environment is when they are young, and children learn about Earth Friendly behaviors often at our center. 

Since we teach children earth-friendly behaviors at Five Forks Academy, we practice what we preach by contracting with Northwest Exterminating for pest, fire-ant, and mosquito. NorPest green is an innovative program that uses what Nature has given us to protect homes and businesses from pests. NorPest Green utilizes botanical and Earth-based products to specifically target insects, making it friendly to people, pets and our natural environment.